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How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on ubuntu

Hello All, Today I am gona discuss how to secure you website with free ssl provided by Let's Encrypt with nginx web server on an ubuntu machine.Here are some few steps you have to follow to do this:


Recently I faced a problem while rebooting my ubuntu i.e UNEXPECTED-INCONSISTENCY;-RUN-fsck-MANUALLY shows on screen.This problem occurred when file system may currupted or trying to make dual boot hence mount point is affected.

Bidirectional Destroys in Rails 5

Suppose you have two models having has_many/belongs_to associations between them, In previous versions of rails you cannot add dependent: :destroy to both of the relationships statements. Attempting to delete either of these records results in a circular dependency, with each record attempting to delete the other one, ending in a Stack Too Deep error.

Has secure token in rails 5

Today I gona discuss about the ActiveRecord::Base#has_secure_password method, in rails 5 it became has_secure_token, it specifies that an attribute of your model should be used to store a unique 24-character alphanumeric token.

How to store an object in active record rails

How ever in practice we have to store an object like Hash or Array into the database, like you want a hash to be store in the database and keys of the that hash used as like an attribute, For this kind of starage in the databse you can use ActiveRecord::Store .

How to add custom error pages in rails

How ever in practice we often have add custom error pages in rails application. Suppose we need to do some manipulation in the error pages like serve error pages in multiple languages, In this case we can use custom error pages.

How to remove a sub url from request url with nginx config

How ever in practice we often have to remove or redirect a request url to some sub-url of that request url. To solve this we can just make some changes in the nginx configs to perform this task.

7 reasons to choose ruby rails for as programming language

One of the hottest technical trends of 2015, Ruby On Rails development is rapidly gaining popularity as an ideal solution for creating web applications. It is an open source web app framework, which is written using Rubyprogramming language.

How to generate a new ssl and configure it with nginx

Hello There, In genral web developemnt, We often need to run our web applications on https in place of http for making our applications more secure. Here is the example and step by step procedure to genrate a new ssl and configure it with nginx.

How to run multiple rails applications on different sub urls with same domain

Hello There, Today I am going to tell you how you can run multiple rails applications on a single server with different sub urls. I am using ````nginx + passenger``` to run applications.