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However in practice we need to remove some text from a file or from multiple files. Removing text from files manually is a tough task. Here is a sample example to do this:

Create a script

  • Create a file like SOME_NAME.sh
  • Write following lines of code in that file
for thefile in *.txt ; do
   grep -v "YOUR_TEXT_TO_REMOVE" $thefile > $thefile.$$.tmp
   mv $thefile.$$.tmp $thefile

You can use any extension in place of txt according to your requirement.


grep -v "YOUR_TEXT_TO_REMOVE" $thefile > $thefile.$$.tmp returns the content of all .txt files in that directory YOUR_TEXT_TO_REMOVE and write that output in a tempfile then replace new file with that original one.

Running script

  • To run script just run sh SOME_NAME.sh

Enjoy !!!