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Hello There, We often need to convert a base64 encoded image to actual image file. It generally happens When we work with apis. Here is an example how can we make a image from base64 encoded string with the actual MIMETYPE.

Write a method

Write a method say convert and write a set of lines into it.

def convert(base64_string)
# make sure you are passing base64 encoded string with MIMETYPE like 'data:image/jpeg;base64, some_string'
_image_with_mime_type = base64_string.match(/\Adata:([-\w]+\/[-\w\+\.]+)?;base64,(.*)/) || [] 
extension = MIME::Types[_image_with_mime_type[1]].first.preferred_extension
_image_data = _image_with_mime_type[2]
# Write image into a file
image_file = File.join(SOME_LOCATION, "#{FILE_NAME}.#{extension}")
# Like image_file = File.join(Rails.root, 'tmp', "#{ SecureRandom.uuid}.#{extension}")
File.open(image_file , "wb") do |file|

# Call convert method

Now you can see there is an image at specifiled location.

  • Note : You need to pass base64 encoded image string into method with the MIMETYPE, This method will break otherwise to fetch extension. Thanks!!