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Hello There, We often need to update the records without make any changes in updated_at column. There are many ways to update a record my rails. You can use any of them. Here is an example of how to update a record without updating the updated_at column.

Use update_columns in place of update_attributes

write following code at the place you are updating the record

user.update_columns({name: 'Some name', updated_at: user.updated_at})
# assign updated_at to the record itself while updating the record.

Now you can see the record is updateed but the updated_at value remains the same. This is the fastest way to update a record in rails, but there are some points that needs to be keep in mind if we are using update_columns.

  • This is the fastest way to update attributes because it goes straight to the database, but take into account that in consequence the regular update.
  • Skip all validations
  • All callbacks will be skipped.
  • updated_at/updated_on are not updated.
  • However, attributes are serialized with the same rules as ActiveRecord::Relation#update_all
  • This method raises an ActiveRecord::ActiveRecordError when called on new objects, or when at least one of the attributes is marked as readonly.

Thanks for the reading!!