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Hello, Today I am telling something that is very useful to us. It is may or may not be related to our work but it’s very important. Now I am describing how to check a mobile number is has DND service activated or not.

###Introduction Its very easy to know that any mobile number has DND service activated or not.For this purpose you can do the following things

####A get request You can send the get request on the url http://dndchecker.railsroot.com/api with a parameter mobile=xxxxxxxxxx

If the number is DND activated then the response will like:

{"mobile_number":"xxxxxxxxxx","operator":null,"circle":null,"status":"The","dateOfActivation":"number","preference":"from NCPR"}

Otherwise the output will be

{"mobile_number":"xxxxxxxxxx","operator":"AircelDishnet","circle":"Delhi","status":"Registered","dateOfActivation":"14-02-2011","preference":"Fully Blocked"}

####Curl request You can also send the curl request on the http://dndchecker.railsroot.com/api like:

curl http://dndchecker.railsroot.com/api?mobile_number=xxxxxxxxxx