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Hi Friends,

However in practice you want to point your custom domain to your github pages.It quit simple to do that. Here is the step by step description how to add a custom domain to your github pages.

Step 1

First of all go on GitHub, navigate to your Pages repository. In the “Branches” menu, switch to your repository’s Pages branch:

  • For User and Organization Pages sites, the Pages branch is master.
  • For Project Pages sites, the Pages branch is gh-pages.

Step 2

Add a new file, named CNAME to the root directory of the Pages branch.

Step 3

In the new file, add a single line that specifies the bare subdomain for your custom domain. For example, use example.com, not https://example.com. Note that there can only be one domain in the CNAME file.

Step 3

Commit the file

Step 4

Confirming that the custom domain has been configured correctly

  • In your repository’s right sidebar, click setting tab.
  • Under GitHub Pages, you should see the custom domain from your CNAME file.

Step 5 (Configuring DNS settings)

After you’ve created and committed your CNAME file on GitHub, do one of the following with your DNS provider:

  • If your custom domain is a subdomain (recommended), configure a CNAME record.
  • If your custom domain is an apex domain, configure an ALIAS, ANAME, or A` records.

Example(Configuring DNS settings Bigrock)

  • Login to your Bigrock account and go to your domain’s DNS Management section.
  • Click on Manage DNS.
  • Click on A Record tab.
  • Click on Add A Record.
  • In Host Name write @ or leave host name blank.
  • In Destination IPv4 Address write ip
  • Finally click on add record button.
  • Create another a record and give ip

Now open your github page and you can see that it is forwarding to example.com.

Hurray !!! you have successfully added your custom domain to your github page.

If more detail please click here.