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7 reasons to choose ruby rails for as programming language

One of the hottest technical trends of 2015, Ruby On Rails development is rapidly gaining popularity as an ideal solution for creating web applications. It is an open source web app framework, which is written using Rubyprogramming language. Whereas Rails is a complete framework, which focuses on use of popular software engineering patterns like the active record pattern, CoC (convention over configuration), DRY (don’t repeat yourself), and MVC (model view controller).

When Ruby On Rails Development Is A Great Choice!

Ideally, Rails ROR is an ultimate solution, if a project falls in any of the below-mentioned categories:

Content Management:

If your site’s purpose is to showcase thousands of audio files, articles and other database-friendly content, Ruby On Rails development is a good solution as it offers ease of navigation. It also makes it simpler for you to upload as well as manage your content.


ROR tremendously benefits e-commerce sites with its user-friendly features & great modular approach to perform website development.

Membership Sites:

Social networking and membership options are included in Rails. A number of plug-ins are available to resolve almost every challenge related to social networking.

Custom Database Solutions:

Most of the new projects are based on custom solutions and thus, require robust database structure for supporting creative business model. Ruby On Rails development is the best way to build customized solutions quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Why Considering Ruby On Rails Development Is A Lucrative Option For Websites Creation!

The primary advantage of Ruby On Rails development is that you need not to write the same line of code again and again, which is a wastage of time. In other words, it automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks so that the developers can emphasize resolving business issues. Here are a few major reasons to opt for Ruby On Rails technology.

1.Quick Launch:

ROR includes a comprehensive set of ready to use solutions and modules in Ruby On Rails software library. These tools save up to 30% of the development time and result in quick launching of website. It is observed that launching an ROR-based site can take minimum six weeks. Rails significantly speeds up the whole development process. It provides neat & clear code and enables developer to reuse its components instead of building it from the scratch. ROR also offers various plug-ins known as Ruby Gems, which together with integrated testing tools make it efficient and accessible.


Once your site is launched, updates and modifications can be made quickly and easily. Applying changes and adding new features can be done at a rapid pace while saving time and money.


ROR renders an outstanding platform, which allows website development in a less time and therefore, saves lots of money without compromising the performance, scalability or quality of your website. Since Rails is automated, it eliminates some sections of project, enabling developers to focus on main issues rather than having thorough understanding of complete framework.

4.Open Source:

The framework & most of the libraries of Rails are open source. Even it runs on Linux operating system, which is also open source. This clearly shows that Rails-based project will not require any licensing cost. Ruby On Rails development is not only open source, but also has a helpful and thriving community to assist you in case of any issue.

5.Automated Testing:

Testing is another important aspect about which Rails community is really passionate. It uses modern algorithm for the testing process. Unlike various other frameworks, it comprises in-built testing system and therefore manual testing is not needed. In fact, it executes on a test-driven development method, where codes run after being tested. Eventually, it saves both time & cost.

6.Modular Structure:

Having modular design, Rails is an incredible framework. It has a huge library, which allows you to embed certain functionality to your site. Libraries of ROR are popularly called Gems that enable you to add different functions to your web apps. Some common gems are used to add following features to your site:

  • Creation of PDF files
  • User login and logout functionality
  • Integration with social media websites
  • Present information on Google Maps
  • Integration with third-party services


Being a self documenting framework, Rails allows developer to pick a project & know what exactly has been done on it so far. Another essential feature., which helps in the project re-assignment is that the code is easy to read and understand.


Overall, Ruby On Rails development is an amazing solution with a bright future. It is helping developers create web applications in the quickest possible time at an affordable cost and is expected to do so in the near future as well.

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Ram Laxman Yadav
Ram Laxman Yadav
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